“…while Seabiscuit helped reignite the American spirit, Jim Key, in his own beautiful way,
whispered to Americans' hearts and awakened their soul." -- THE LOS ANGELES TIMES

"If Beautiful Jim Key were alive today, he’d have a movie deal. . ." -- PEOPLE MAGAZINE

For a century, this astonishing, true story of an American hero who rose to international fame a century ago, spurring a significant shift in human consciousness, has been buried in history. What made him different from other men and women who change the course of history is that he wasn’t a man or a woman. Beautiful Jim Key was a horse.

Trained by self-taught veterinarian “Dr.” William Key, with only kindness and patience, Jim was an educated horse, whose abilities to read, spell, do math, and more, made him more valuable than any racehorse of his time. Together with Doc Key –- an ex-slave, Civil War veteran, horse whisperer, entrepreneur, perhaps the most famous African-American of his day –- Jim became the number one box office star in the nation and energized the worldwide animal welfare movement, making the phrase “be kind to animals” a household ideal.

At long last, with her acclaimed, top-selling BOOK, best-selling AUTHOR Mim Eichler Rivas chronicles this lost HISTORY of a horse and a man who changed the world. Uncovered by award-winning filmmaker David Hoffman of Varied Directions International, it is in the works to be explored in an independent DOCUMENTARY feature, with a major motion picture soon to be slated. Embodying the great American VALUES that seek to end cruelty and violence while promoting KINDNESS, TOLERANCE, LITERACY, EQUALITY and JUSTICE, Beautiful Jim Key has come back from the lost pages of history at a time in the world when he is most needed.

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